Our Recreational Gymnastics classes are offered five days a week. We are often asked how many days should my child take classes a week? Use the following Guideline:

1 Day a week: Used to get an introduction to the sport. Allows child to experience the sport and see if they like it.

2 Days a week: For students who are eager to learn and want to progress at a more rapid pace.

3 Days a week: For students who would like to fast track skill achievement and want to move to the Team Program as rapid as possible.

Moving to the next level:

To move the next level gymnast participate in our Recreational meets. They are held about once every two months. We encourage all students to participate in these meets when they are ready. For students who do not wish to compete special testing arrangements can be made.

Prices are per session (a Session is usually 8 weeks)

Cost: 1 class a week 2 classes a week 3 classes a week 

Regular price $159.00 $276.00 $368.00

Early Bird Price $149.00 $266.00 $358.00

*Early Bird Price is for students who sign up before the sign-up deadline for the next session.

$35.00 Annual Registration fee for all students.